Mobility Consulting

  • Mobile Platform for your Organization?
  • Mobile Device Management?
  • App Roll Out Strategy - AppStore?
  • Mobile Email Platform - Native Email vs. GOOD?
  • Mobile Service-Oriented Architectures
  • Mobile Enterprise Architecture
  • Mobile Security Architecture
  • Mobile Systems Architecture
  • Mobile Deployment Architecture

Wealth Advisory Services (WAS)

We provide Wealth Advisory Services (WAS) through development of wealth management and advisory platforms.

Our WAS business development associates take a holistic look at your wealth management platform needs, putting together a comprehensive strategy from both a functional and technical perspective. Software Merchant Inc. brings together Mobile Wealth Management Strategists and integration with existing platforms to provide you with a comprehensive road map that empowers your business.

Mobility Assessment

Quick Start Program

The Quick Start Assessment Consulting Program is designed to ensure that your company is aligned with your organization's mobility strategy and goals. The key objective is to bring clarity around mobility strategy? and how to implement one. The program will leave you with the tools to increase solution value for your company and users.

This Assessment is done by leaders/executives that have 20+ years of information on technology and business management experience (IIT & MBA) to provide you with not only technical but also financial roadmap (cost benefit, return on investment and break-even analysis).

The program includes an initial meeting to analyze company mobility goals and collect relevant information and prerequisites required for gap analysis. Once this is in place, we will conduct a design review of your business needs. This includes cost-benefit analysis on various components like-mobile security, device management (MDM), application management (MAM). This translates into our final assessment and deliverables i.e. "Your Mobility Strategy", "Your Best Practices".

Focused on Education

Technology in the Schools

Software Merchant is consulting with schools and universities (Boston Public School) to embrace the next generation of learning with educational apps, evaluating teachers with mobile apps and learning content on mobile assets.

You can track all Mobile Apps for Schools Education assets across your institution, configure policies and settings, distribute apps, and secure access to school networks and resources all throughout web-based console.

Focused on Government

Enhanced Security

Software Merchant mobility consulting team is helping government agencies (PennDOT & other Commonwealth of PA agencies) address security concerns surrounding enterprise mobility while also considering tight budgets and resource constraints.

Software Merchant enables government agencies to leverage advanced mobile devices and applications without compromising security and compliance.

Advanced security platform capabilities include strong user authentication using AD/LDAP, certificate-based access to enterprise Email, Wi-Fi and VPN networks, and secure distribution of apps and documents. Platform that meets Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) Publication 140-2 compliance standards.


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